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1761 N. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027
(located in Los Feliz Village)



I love this deli – it truly is a community place with a warm and friendly vibe.  They are always grinning and greeting me when I come in, I feel like I’ve known them forever. I’ve spoken with Rocco himself a few times, and his daughter, and they are both so kind. I just had a little birthday celebration there and she waited on me and my family as if it were a little cafe. I felt a bit like a celebrity! It was really nice and above and beyond. They are just genuine people, and that’s big on my list.

As for the food, well, damn. It’s really good. The salads (esp. the beets!) and the sandwiches are SO GREAT – really fresh and full of flavor – and the tirimisu is the best I’ve ever had (though you can only buy large orders, now, FYI).  The menu is small, which I like, they seem to cover everything basic that someone would want while still being really inventive.

Every time I go, I sort of can’t believe there is a little slice of Italian heaven so close to my apt. It’s truly a gem.

Definitely go here!  Support a family business who cares about what they do. They do it all really well. They deserve it as much as we deserve to eat their incredible sandwiches.

Jamie L.


Wow! I literally just got back from eating here and I am so pleased! The Staff was more than friendly and the food was great! Today they even had a special of $1 off any sandwich.

I had a side of Caprese salad. The tomatoes were red, juicy, and larger than most cherry tomatos. The Balsamic dressing had a lot of flavor and was the right amount(some places drentch the salad with dressing). The ribbons of basil were also of perfect proportion.

Now to the Proscuitto sandwich! Wow! Came exactally as the menu said, with homemade olive spread, arugula, tomatoe, motzerella, and the Chef did not skimp on the meat!

As for the bread my sandwich came on, it was great! Other reviews claim it was stale…um no.

My friend had the meatball sandwich, which I tried of course. The crispy bread was oozing with motzerella cheese and sauce. The meatballs inside tasted great and had a soft texture. These meatballs didn’t come from a bag or frozen..

I would recommend this place to anyone! We were so happy with our food we ordered catering for tomorrow!

Heather Z.


I was up that way last week.
I had the Manzo with Pepperoni.
It was unbelievable. The bread was fresh that day.
When i grew up, i used to go to Church then the Italian Market..

Come on Rocco?? Sunday??
Let me know…

See you soon..

Jack M.


Let me first say that I am am a very opinionated eater. I compare everything to the top 10% in it’s food category that I have ever had. I heard about this place and I just happened to be in downtown LA around lunch time. I was thinking PHILIPPE’S at first, but then I realized I have to try the new place. I’M GLAD I DID! OMG! It is fantastic! This is as close to eating in Italy as it gets. I LOVE THIS PLACE! I have now been here six times in the last 40 days. The sandwiches are to die for. The secret is their bread. It is delicious! I can not say enough about Rocco’s Deli, it really is that good. My goal is to try every item on the menu.

Andy H.


I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! First of all, the owners and staff make you feel like part of the family!! Then on top of that, they make some of the BEST fresh Italian salads, my favorites are the Beet salad with Goat cheese, and the (hope I’m spelling this right) Giardinara……..mmmmmmmm!!!!!!! Just GO!!!

Alexx D.

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I am Italian-American AND originally from NY and can tell you this place is GREAT. It is an AWESOME lunch place. I had the Vegetable. It was DELICIOUS. Also, Rocco and his son are lovely, friendly people AND the place is clean-a rare trait among Los Angeles eateries. I HIGHLY recommend Rocco’s for a pleasant and SCRUMPTIOUS lunch!

Nicole H.

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Rocco’s Italian Market & Deli

1761 N. Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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